Our History

There is evidence that the organization of alumni clubs started as early as 1923 when a group organized in what was then known as high school alumni clubs. After careful consideration, the Georgia State clubs increased and thus became the Georgia State Association. Understanding the need to develop these clubs into a more organized representative group, which would serve the college and the administration, the Alumni Association was organized. The membership of the association was composed of graduates from the High School, Normal and College Departments.

Georgia State College Clubs were organized in Savannah, Valdosta, Waycross, Philadelphia and New York. In 1947, the members of the Alumni Clubs and State Clubs began to investigate the possibility of becoming and organized national body. By 1949, the Alumni Association of Savannah State became nationally chartered.

Today, the Alumni Association continues as the Savannah State University National Alumni Association, Inc. representing more than 22,000 alumni worldwide.